Screen-free coding & STEM classes for young children

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We're teaching the next generation of computer & data scientists, developers, and tech experts-- without using a screen.

As parents, we want to prepare our children for the future and give them the confidence that they can succeed. Learning to code is a great way to open your child's mind to science, technology, engineering, and math.

We believe it's never too early to introduce computer science concepts and that children age 3 to 6 are very receptive to age-appropriate lessons on problem-solving, algorithms, and logic. But we also believe we can defer the use of computers in the child's journey to discovering technology.

Our Montessori-inspired approach guides young children to think like coders and technologists


Computational Thinking

Tangible and Hands-on

Persistence and Curiosity

At its core, coding is all about solving challenges. We teach preschoolers how to approach these challenges.

We provide simple and playful activities on decomposition, pattern-matching, abstraction, and algorithms.

We designed our activities to be developmentally appropriate for preschoolers-- all inspired by Montessori.

More than IQ, we think that teaching children persistence and keeping a curious mind helps children become better future coders.

Areas of Learning

Hardware & Software

Problem Solving

Design Process


Task Breakdown


Logic Reasoning

Our Computational Thinking curriculum is inspired by the UK Computing at School's primary school guidelines.

Data Literacy

Class Materials

Class Features

- One-hour per class session

- 5:1 student to teacher ratio

- Montessori-style materials

- Self-paced, child-focused learning

Hello, we're your instructors!

We're the founders of Pre-Kode and we're here to help your child discover the wonders of coding.

Liza is a Computer Science major (graduated with honors) and completed her Data Science and Analytics masters degree at Ryerson University. She has industry experience over 10 years covering IT security and DevOps.

Regnard is a workshop facilitator, Microsoft-certified developer, and designer with over 15 years experience building web and mobile apps.

We're passionate about sharing what we've learned and mentoring the next generation of tech enthusiasts.


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